Whether the brand name 'Rosella' came from a combination of the names Rose and Ella (daughters of the original owners) or from the large flocks of Eastern Rosella that routinely flew over the back yard of the company in 1894; is open to conjecture.
What is clear from historical records is that the Australian Eastern Rosella was one of the first birds to be noticed by early settlers due to its rich colourings and that the Rosella trademark was originally registered for a Eucalyptus oil and rheumatic Cure and was purchased for use by the Rosella Preserving Company Limited in 1895.

Rosella Group is a leading Australian food company supplying the market with a broad range of condiments including sauces, soups, chutney and spices.

Rosella Group is committed to supplying outstanding consumer and customer service of high quality, safe foods into the Australasian Market.